A modern fire extinguisher for the modern world.

Our one-of-a-kind, oval fire extinguishers have a flatter profile making it easier than ever to achieve ADA compliance and create safe, equitable facilities.

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Unique shapes.
Unique benefits.

Compliance for all.

Our engineers developed fire extinguishers and cabinets that project less than 4” from a wall, making ADA compliance simple to achieve.

Expanded equity.

Facilities are safer by removing unnecessary obstacles and widening paths of egress. In an emergency, exiting is easier and safer for all.

Creative freedom.

Architects are free to design what they want without any compromise. There is never a need to widen a corridor, deepen a wall or create an alcove just to fit in a fire extinguisher. Space isn’t wasted and it can be used for what is most needed.

Save in the long run.

Oval fire extinguishers are the most cost-effective way to meet ADA accessibility requirements. They eliminate last minute changes and redesigns, while saving on materials and man-hours.

Why Oval?

Making facilities safer - one fire extinguisher at a time.

Flatter. Safer.

Building Owners

Oval provides peace of mind, knowing that you have provided a safe and equitable environment where people with disabilities can visit, work, and live as equals. You can accomplish this without wasting valuable floor space or adding cost.


Be sure that your designs meet all codes and standards for accessibility without compromising the design intent. Eliminate unsightly conditions and unnecessary obstructions from the start, while avoiding surprises and last-minute changes.

General Contractors

Build the job with confidence, knowing that all ADA accessibility requirements have been met. Lower the chances for permitting delays, ADA reviews, last minute changes, extra costs, and confrontations with inspectors. Finish the job on time and on budget.

Fire Safety Companies

Oval fire extinguishers are UL-listed, meet or exceed NFPA 10 requirements, and carry a 4A:80B:C performance rating. They are serviced and maintained just like conventional fire protection products. You can install Oval extinguishers with confidence, knowing that your customer’s facilities will be compliant and safe.

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