Why Oval.

To meet modern ADA compliance standards, the world needed a flatter fire extinguisher without sacrificing an ounce of performance. So that’s what we did.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that buildings be accessible to persons with disabilities. For accessibility, all equipment - including fire extinguishers – must project less than 4” from a wall. Oval fire extinguishers comply with the 4” limit. Conventional 10 lb. fire extinguishers do not. Oval extinguishers can be installed wherever they are required and provide compliance.

Conserve Floor Space

Using conventional round fire extinguishers often means you have to widen aisles or deepen walls to meet accessibility requirements. Oval fire extinguishers never need this. They can be installed in an aisle or corridor and project less than 4”, maximizing valuable floor space.

Faster, Easier, Cheaper

With a 3” depth, Oval fire extinguishers can be recess mounted in a 3 ⅝” partition wall. Conventional fire extinguishers cannot. Whether constructing a new building or bringing an existing building into compliance, Oval fire extinguishers save time, eliminate disruption, and reduce design and construction costs.

Oval fire extinguishers make sense in any situation.

Whether you are bringing an older building up to code or designing an entirely new building from the ground up, Oval offers the right solution, makes the job easier, and saves in the long run.